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Battery Capacitor
Battery Capacitor
Battery Capacitor
Battery Capacitor

Battery Capacitor

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KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas TPI / TBI Models are fantastic bikes, but unfortunately the engine will not run if the battery is dead, for example if you’re out riding and the battery dies for whatever reason, you'll be pushing it home. 

The Capacitor runs inline with your battery, allows you to kick or bump start the bike.


2012-2024 KTM 250/350/450/500 KTM 4-strokes with fuel injection
2018-2024 KTM 150/250/300 TPI/TBI models - Not XC Models

2014-2024 Husqvarna 250/350/450/501 4-strokes with fuel injection
2018-2024 Husqvarna 150/250/300 TPI/TBI models - Not TX Models 

2021-2024 GasGas 125/250/300/450 TPI/TBI models


Q - Won't the bike start if the battery fails without the capacitor?
A - No, even if you try to bump start it 

Q - Why is the capacitor necessary?
A - It regulates the voltage, allowing the bike to run 

Q - Can I use my electric start?
A - No, the Capacitor only regulates the voltage. You can bump start or Kick start

Q - My 2018 TPI has a Kick Start, do I need the 9V battery Harness?
A - Yes, if you have a Kick Start you'll need the Harness kit to kick start the bike

Q - Where should I install the Capacitor?
A - Somewhere Cool and dry. We prefer the Airbox 

If you have any question, please email us 

Warning- The Capacitor stores electrical charge internally once it has been connected to the motorcycle battery, or charging system. If the Capacitor is uninstalled be sure to safely discharge it (E.g. a 12V light bulb could be used) and avoid shorting the cable terminals together.

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